Founder questions with... Yogacycled


We sit down with the lovely Anastasia from the vibrant Yogacycled.

Yogacycled is aiming to create eye catching pieces perfect for any yoga pose you can think of. They use high quality recycled fabrics with distinctive prints.

Why Yogacycled?
The name Yogacycled comes from “yoga” and “recycled”. We believe we can become a part of the solution to one of the greatest environmental challenges – plastic waste in landfill sites and in the world’s oceans. We have created an activewear and swimwear line made from recycled plastic water bottles. With every product we sell, we commit to clean-up the landfill and oceans of the world.
How did you get here?
The idea came to me when I was living in the South of China. I witnessed a destructive hurricane that washed away a lot of plastic waste on my favourite beach. After that moment I realised that we might not see the plastic waste but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I was already in love with yoga at that time and I was looking into the ways I can create something from recycled plastic and that’s how Yogacycled was born.
What does your morning routine look like?
Lemon water, smoothie than coffee with a book.
What is the brand vision for the future?
Exploring different recycled materials to add into our future collections. Continue supporting reforestation projects. Creating a second-life shop at Yogacycled where customers can return their worn items, that we can recycle into a completely new pieces of activewear and sell for a discounted price. The idea is to create a circular product and avoid waste.
What is your favourite piece from your collections?
Hard to say as we design and draw everything from scratch, so you start falling in love with the design from first sketches. As for the leggings my favourite design will be – Strelitzia Leggings, but I am also in love with our reversible bodysuits.
You look to your left, what do you see?
Sitting at my desk I see a mood board with ideas and colours for our next collection. I love having all the visuals next to me so I can better imagine the future designs.
What's your go to yoga pose?
Definitely pigeon pose, ideal for a long day sitting at my desk. Favourite (non activewear) sustainable brand? To be honest, I do not remember the last time I shopped anywhere in particular. I prefer to look into second-hand options first rather than buying new.
We say sustainable you say…?
Achievable. I think lots of people over complicate and think you can only be 100% sustainable or it just doesn’t work. I believe in little steps.
If you were only allowed to do one thing for the rest of your life, either Yoga or HIIT, which would it be?
What piece of advice would you give to someone starting a sustainable brand?
Be truly passionate about your future business and don’t strive for perfection.

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