What we look for

At FIBI we want to know more about what happens behind the scenes at a brand. For us, sustainability isn’t a one size fits all so we want to champion brands who are open and honest about what they currently do and how they are going to improve upon it (if at all!).
To do this, not only do we chat openly with our brands, but we ask them to complete a survey with specific questions relating to many different aspects of how they create their product. 
Across the website you’ll see different symbols for brands and products qualifying them for excelling at certain things. This doesn’t mean another brand without the symbol doesn’t, it just means that this brand goes above and beyond in this particular field. 

We ask our brands about a key number of areas including:
  • Waste
  • Energy sources
  • Resource pollution
  • Chemical use in manufacturing
  • Innovation in sustainable development
  • Material resources
  • Social responsibility

If you want to find out more about the brands we partner with look at our brand pages or drop us an email at letschat@fibi-life.com.