At FIBI we want to know more about what happens behind the scenes at a brand.

For us, sustainability isn’t a one size fits all so we want to champion brands who are open and honest about what they currently do and how they are going to improve upon it (if at all!). To do this, not only do we chat openly with our brands, but we ask them to complete a survey with specific questions relating to many different aspects of how they create their product.

The question we get asked alot is, "how on earth do you find these brands?!" It's a very good question.

At FIBI our crack team of Brand Investigators look far and wide across the internet (Google and Instagram are our best friends) as well as word of mouth, to try and find the best brands out there.
Sometimes the brands are just starting out, sometimes they are established and already have a loyal customers.
At FIBI, we want to see innovation and commitment, not just the number of followers you have.


Once we've found them we then ask our brands about a number of key areas including:


We like to know all the important bits about a brand. We spend time with each of our brands to get to know who founded them, what their aspirations are, how they function and building an important relationship with them.

The Forest of fibi

Each brand is responsible for complying with our unique Supply Code of Conduct which enables FIBI to give consumers trust in the brand. You can find out more about our Supply Code of Conduct in our Forest of FIBI