Logical Alignment Mat
Logical Alignment Mat
Logical Alignment Mat
Logical Alignment Mat

Logical Alignment Mat

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The logical mat is a beautifully crafted mat with a simple, central alignment line to aid positioning during poses.  It is made from a natural rubber base topped with PU.  The mat has a pleasing weight and it sits flat to to the ground, without any curls or ripples.  The effect is a really solid base on which to practice and the surface is super grippy so you will not find yourself sliding around during your downward dogs!


This mat comes with a matching carry strap for easy and stylish transportation.

Length1.83m / 183cm / 1830mm
Width: 0.61m / 61cm / 610mm
Weight :  2.2kg/2.4kg
Materials:  Polyurethane, Natural rubber



Female founder trying to make sustainable activewear accessible


Newcastle, Italy


Low Waste Designs, Low Waste Production Facilities

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